Do you need a posture corrector? Here's what we know.

I started this store after I started getting some back pain and thinking "I'm not that old, how is my back starting to hurt?". I realized I sit down for a majority of the day, I can't help it, I have to work on the computer. I knew this was affecting my posture. I wanted a way to get better posture and less back pain without having to see the doctor. My older brother had scoliosis. He had to get a custom made back brace that cost over a thousands dollars and trust me, you couldn't wear this under your clothes. If your back is starting to hurt whatsoever, or perhaps you know that you slump when you sit, don't wait till it's too late. Get one of our back braces for less than $20, when they're on sale that is. It'll save you a ton of hassle, pain, and money in the future. Hope this info about ourselves helps!

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